Net Controller Premium


Net Controller Premium is an easy-to-use MCU core board designed for rapid application. The core board has a very powerful the ST Microelectronics STM32F207ZG Micorocontroller, has high-performance, high-speed 32-bit ARM Cortex M3 core processor, 1MB ROM and the 128KB RAM.A comprehensive firmware library running in 120 MHz (150DMIPS), a large number of example code, to help you quickly create and run your program. The core board HY-STM32F2xxCore144 with dual 60-pin DIP 2.54 mm pitch male head has been welded to the pin, so it can use standard solderless breadboard and perfboards. Microcontroller port expansion connector.


Hardware settings
● 20-pin the 2.0 spacing JTAG interface (gift adapter seat, can be converted into 2.54 pitch)
● USB2.0 main device interface (mini)
● 1 controllable LED
● 1 reset button
● 32.768Khz RTC crystal
● expanding outside 1M SRAM
● expanding outside 128M NAND FLASH
● reserved the NOR FLASH pad (support 2M or 16M NOR FLASH)
● 2.54mm pitch I / O lead exports, can be installed on a wildcard board
● Dual 60-pin DIP pin, extended all IO ports
● can be powered via USB or external 5V power supply
● core board size: 85 mm × 46 mm


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